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Mount Pleasant School

213 Raymond George Way


Mr. J.R. Couts, a Weatherford banker, donated land for a black school in 1888 to the City of Weatherford. The land sat vacant

for many years, until a one-room school was built in 1907. As the black community grew it was necessary to have a larger

facility, so in 1910, a second room was added to accommodate the additional students.  The school was called The Colored School until the name was changed in 1936 to Mount Pleasant Colored School. Many changes have taken place including the addition of bathroom facilities, before this addition there was a water pump and an outhouse. Mount Pleasant would be closed down in 1963 and the property sold to an individual for $200. The school was used as a cabinet shop for many years until the owner of the property became ill and the school became a location for vandalism and it fell into disrepair. 

The school was brought to the attention of the public in 2009 by Raymond George, a former student who wanted to purchase

the school and renovate it to its former glory.  The Save The Mt. Pleasant School Committee was formed and received

donations to purchase the property. In January 2014 , with the renovations complete, The Save the Mt. Pleasant  School Committee voted to turn the property over to the City of Weatherford.  It is currently in use as a community meeting place.

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