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Wolfolk-McCall home

202 South Waco Street


    This home was built in 1867 by James Wolfolk.  The original construction of sun-dried brick was a two-room “dog trot” style house.  Bricks were made from on-site materials.  In the 132 years since its original construction, the house has been greatly enlarged.  The home features 12-foot tin covered ceilings and 20-inch thick walls.  It is the oldest continuously lived in structure in Weatherford.

      Mr. Wolfolk, an attorney with Ball & Wolfolk, defended two Native American chiefs, Satanta and Big Tree on trial for the Warren Wagon Train Massacre in 1871.  The trial, held in Jacksboro, attracted national attention.  Local legend purports that Wolfolk hid the Indians in the cellar of this house for their safety during the trial.

        George A. McCall bought the home in 1880.  Mr. McCall, also an attorney, presented arguments before the Texas Supreme Court.  His most notable achievement established the authority of a corporation president in the case of the Franco Texas Land Company vs. McCormick.  The McCall family occupied the residence until 1972.  The home was awarded a Texas State Historical marker in 1975.


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