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Cherry Home

504 West Lee Avenue


This home is an example of what became known as the Prairie style home. It originated in the early 20th Century with Frank Lloyd Wright and a group of Chicago architects and spread rapidly across the new suburbs of Texas. Pure examples of the Prairie style home were introduced to Texas around 1909 by Wright protégé Henry C. Trost, who adapted the style for the harsh, hot Texas summers. The Trost-Prairie style is characterized by extended eves and front and side porches. The extended and porches served to shade every window of the home, protecting the interior from direct sunlight and reducing interior temperatures. This style spread widely by pattern books and magazines between 1905 and 1915.


Joseph Pomeroy Booles and his wife, Florence Nightingale Booles were the first owners of the property after the creation of McCalls subdivision. They sold the property to B.F. Cherry in 1919 for $150. It is believed that B. F. Cherry constructed the home. Originally, the home had only two bedrooms and one bath room. A back porch was incorporated into the home in the 1950’s as a third bedroom. A second bathroom was recently added. The current owners renovated the kitchen in 2008. The hardwood floors, wood work and leaded glass windows are all original to the house.


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