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 Central Christian Church/Brownstone Wedding Chapel

112 West Oak Street


Built in 1894 at a cost of $4,200, this building served the congregants of the Central Christian Church until 1964 when the church moved to its current location on South Main. 


A steeple originally stood atop the bell tower on the corner turret.  The bell was removed when Central Christian Church sold the building to the Latter Day Saints and now sits on the grounds at the Church's current location.  The steeple was struck twice by lightening after the Central Christian move, and the steeple remnants were removed after the second strike.


From the time it was organized, the church served as a community center hosting recitals, lectures, cultural programs and social events.  In 1950, the basement was constructed beneath the church with member Ollie McDavid as the construction supervisor.  The men of the church worked evenings and Saturdays to dig the earth while a mule and scoop were utilized to haul away the dirt.  Women of the church provided meals and refreshments.


Following the congregation's move to South Main, the building suffered a long term decline.  In 2003, the current owner purchased the building and carried out extensive renovations.  It now hosts weddings in its chapel.



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